Learning to Make Skirts ~ Craftsy Class Giveaway

When I was in high school I took a home ec class and learned to sew. We were taught how to read patterns, select fabric, and eventually sew our garments. The thing I didn’t like about learning to sew this way was that it was so tedious. There were so many steps to follow and it seemed like most of them were unnecessary. (I guess that is why I naturally drifted toward quilting…I just do it my own way and call it good.)

Online Sewing Class

I was recently browsing through classes at Craftsy (have you signed up yet, it’s FREE to sign up, and a few of the classes are even free!) and I saw the class Design and Sew an A-Line Skirt. It promised to teach how to both design and sew a skirt tailored to my shape and style. At the time, I was thinking this would be perfect for my daughter. She wears skirts all the time and has been wanting to learn to sew. I signed up for her.

The Class

But somewhere along the line, God started tugging at my heart about making some skirts for myself. I thought I would watch the class just to help her out, but as I watched I learned so much. The class starts by teaching you how take your own measurements and draft a pattern. At first you just learn the basics, but as you progress she (Debra Moebes) teaches you how customize your skirt and add in the elements that are right for you.

What I enjoyed was the fact that she cuts out the unnecessary and just gets right to the meat. Yes, there are still some steps that I felt were tedious, but at least now I understand why they are necessary.

Once you draft your pattern, you then sew up a muslin (had never done that before…I felt like a professional). The muslin is a practice run so that you can make sure it fits properly and is just how you want it before moving on the real skirt.

After you have made your adjustments, you then transfer them back to your permanent pattern before cutting out and sewing your skirt. I say permanent, because once you have a pattern that you like, you can keep the same pattern and just make adjustments to it for any “extras” you would like to add each time. Debra teaches you how to make skirts with invisible zippers, yokes across the top of the skirt, fuller skirts with her slash and spread method, and how to add a variety of pockets to a skirt.

I finished this class and felt confident in my skirt making abilities. I was so thankful that she took the time at the end of the series to talk about different fabrics. I am only use to working with cotton fabrics, but they are a little on the lighter side for skirts (at least for me, now I wouldn’t mind using them for the girls). I am anxious to try my hand at making a linen or wool skirt. She also shares resources on where to find different kinds of fabrics for skirt making.


A few more things that stood out about the Craftsy class and are worth mentioning:

Indefinite access to your class — once you sign up for a class, you can take as long as you like in working on the class. What I like about that is if I get down the line and have questions about something I learned in this class, I can always go back and watch the lessons.

Ability to ask questions — both Debra and other students are available to help answer any questions that may come up as you learn to sew.

Ability to work on the class at my own pace and whenever I want — there is no waiting for the next class to become available, nor is there any getting behind if you don’t finish something. The classes are totally go-at-your-own-pace and you can watch them whenever you like!


I tell you I have had so much fun taking this class! I was have been up way to late on more than one occasion, watching the Craftsy videos…it’s a little addicting.

In fact, I am so crazy about Craftsy classes that I want to share one with one of you! I am going to be giving away a FREE Craftsy class to one lucky winner. And for those of you that might not be the lucky winner, Craftsy currently has all of their classes on sale for just $19.99 (now through November 26th).

If you don’t have time to take a class now, but think you might want to take one later, I would suggest signing up now while they are so cheap, and taking the class at your leisure.

To enter the giveaway, visit Craftsy.com and browse their more than 100 classes. Then tell me which class you would take if you are the chosen winner!

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Why I Don’t Wear Skirts

A few years ago, I would have never thought twice about slipping on jeans to go to town or even slacks for church. I didn’t even know that it mattered to anyone else, except maybe those of Amish or Mennonite beliefs. But here lately, it seems that the subject is being debated everywhere. Should we, or shouldn’t we, wear skirts?

A Little Background

I didn’t grow up being modest. Far from it. My parents were hippies of the seventies and growing up, I really didn’t have many restrictions placed on me. I remember getting a leather mini-skirt for Christmas my 7th grade year and I thought I was hot stuff. Most all of my clothing decisions were made based on whether I thought the clothes made me look good.

As I got older and gave my life over to Jesus, He began to work on my heart in this area. Slowly I began to see that I needed to be more modest, both in my actions and in my dress. And I did {do} dress modestly, according to my standards.

When my oldest daughter was 15, she began to only wear skirts. We were living in Spain at the time, and there just weren’t very many options for finding modest skirts for a 15 year old. At first she bought many of them at the thrift store on base, but you can imagine the modge podge she found.

I will be honest here and let you know that there were times that I wished she wouldn’t wear skirts. Many of them were hideous. But as I prayed about it, I realized that I was focusing on her looking stylish instead of focusing on her desire to be dressed modestly before the Lord. As she kept searching for more skirts, she slowly accumulated a handful of skirts that were both modest and flattering.

I have stood by and watched her grow both in her faith and in her convictions. It is not always easy for her, but she has made a commitment to the Lord and she continues to find ways to honor her commitment. For instance, it gets pretty cold here in Wichita, but she has prepared for this by making sure she has leggings to wear under her skirts or warm knitted socks on her feet.

So what about me? Where do I stand?

I have thought about wearing skirts very often. And my answer was always, “not yet.” I am not ready yet. I knew in my heart that it was a very conscious decision I was making. I was saying, “I am not ready to yield.” And here are the reasons I gave myself…

1) They are not comfortable.

I know many people say the opposite, but they just don’t feel comfy to me. I have sensory issues, and little things bother me. For instance, I don’t like feeling my legs touch each other, especially when I am walking.

2) They change up the way I do things.

I am not very graceful. I like to sit on the ground cross-legged. I like to sit in the rocker with my knees pulled up to my chest. I don’t like to think about sitting properly or getting in and out of the van without my skirt flying up.

3) I don’t want to look frumpy.

I know this doesn’t make sense. I don’t have any problem wearing sweats all day, but in my mind I associate skirts with someone who “has to” be home with her kids. Like Ma Kettle. When I ponder my deepest thoughts, I realize how much of the world is still in me. How much I still have that desire to look good and be a women of the world. I don’t want to be that way. I want to be a happy homemaker who is content being where God has me. I just haven’t arrived yet.

4) Wearing skirts is hard work.

First, I have to either buy or make myself more skirts. Then I have to plan ahead and make sure they are pressed. And shoes. I need to make sure that I have shoes to wear with the skirts.

5) I don’t want to submit.

I think this is the heart of the matter. I just don’t want to be told that I should do something. Shouldn’t I be able to wear what I want. After all, I don’t wear tight jeans or short shorts. Doesn’t God want me to be beautiful and comfortable and …well, me.

Does It Really Matter?

As I read through my list of “why’s” something really sticks out. Do you notice it? It reminds me of the old Toby Keith song, “I Wanna Talk About Me”. That’s right, I am so concerned about me. About my wants. About my desires.

The entire focus of the skirt issue is me.

I have read all the reasons that I should wear skirts. And I know them well. God doesn’t want me dress like a man. He wants me to dress modestly, distinctly feminine. And I have argued in my heart that I can do this while wearing what I want. And truthfully, I have seen women with a very meek and quiet spirit wearing pants.

I love the Lord greatly and I am a woman who wears pants.

{As I sit here and write this, I am reminded of a saying that was popular not so long ago. When a woman tried to usurp the authority of her husband, it was asked of her, “Who wears the pants in this family?” The one who wore the pants was the one in charge. Maybe that is why, deep in my heart, I want to wear pants. I want to be in charge. Hmmm, need to do some more heart examination.}

But I really feel like the Lord calls us to be sanctified–set apart. When non-believers see us, there shouldn’t be a question in their minds as to whether or not we are believers. Our outward adornment should portray someone who is meek and quiet, wholly feminine, completely submitted, clothed in righteousness.

And some might argue that a skirt doesn’t mean all these things. But I would argue that if those of us who are completely honest with ourselves would search deeeeep in our hearts, we would agree that wearing a modest skirt is more glorifying to the Lord than what we usually wear (at least most of the time, anyway).

So, Where Do I Go From Here?

I am not sure.

I know that is not the answer you were looking for. It’s not the answer I want to give. I would like to say that “from now on, I will only wear skirts!” I don’t think it would be an honest answer though. I am praying that the Lord would give me strength over my flesh. I am praying that He would give me a heart that desires to love Him more than my own desires. I am hoping that I can lay this all down at His feet and follow only Him.

In the meantime, I am preparing for obedience. What does that mean?

Right now, I couldn’t realistically wear skirts everyday.  I simply do not own enough skirts to wear everyday of the week (unless I washed them every other day — again, not very realistic).  So I am taking a class on designing and making your own skirts.  I figured that if I made the skirts to my liking, there would be a greater chance that I would actually wear them.

I am also going to read through some some posts that will encourage my efforts.  Amy at Raising Arrows has a series she wrote a while back (as in, back when my heart was saying I didn’t want to think about wearing skirts) called She Wears Skirts.  She shares a ton of great information, tips, and really just a heart for helping other women who are going through–the change.

For the most part, I will be seeking the Lord and asking for grace in this area of my life.  And for help in being obedient.

What about you?  Anyone else going through–the change?