Science Project: Edible Cell

I had good intentions of using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology for science this year. But time has slipped away from me and here it is May and we are just now getting started with it. Science is one of the things that gets put on the back burner with life gets too overwhelming. And really, most of what the (elementary age and younger) kids learn about science should come from Nature Studies, hands-on exploration, and really good “living books” (like Pagoo).

The girls have been asking to do science, so I believe that is a good indicator that their minds are yearning for a little more. I ordered the experiment kit to go with the books, because at this point in my life I just don’t have the time to brain capacity to run around making sure we have toothpicks and marshmallows and vinegar all at the same time. When I opened the experiment box you could hear the choir sing. It was filled with zip lock baggies, neatly labeled for each chapter. On the labels, the list contained the items in the back, noted which ones to save for future projects (gotta love that!), and then listed the few items we would have to supply ourselves (like pencils, or cups).

Every day the girls have been asking, “Is it time for science?”

And they are loving it!

And I am learning it (did I ever tell you I am studying to become an herbalist? Anatomy and physiology are good things for an herbalist to know.)!

Despite our mishaps…

This is our edible cell. The big white ball is the nucleus. The yellow jello is the cytoplasm. Looks like the perfect cell. Everything is in it’s place. We have talked about each one and what they do.

We turn the cell over just like the directions stated. The nucleus falls out. Not too worried because we can always slip it back in.

Then plop. Out falls the cell, completely discombobulated. Older daughter (who is working through her high school anatomy and is much further along than the rest of us) states that it is a holocrine secretion — the whole disintegrating cell is secreted from the glands along with the secretory product.  What an amazing elementary science lesson!

All’s not lost. Mom scoops the cell back together. Kids get their once a year dose of jello. Life is good.