The Battle is On

I was on the top rung of the ladder painting my living room ceiling when the conversation started. You know the one where I start talking to the audience in my head. "Ladies, we must be vigilant. Our adversary, the devil is walking around like a … [Continue reading]

Crayon Roll-Up Bag

I don’t know about you, but crayon boxes don’t last very long at my house.  Usually within a few days, we are putting crayons into zip lock bags or zippered pencil bags.  The problem with this is that it is difficult to find the color you need … [Continue reading]

Staycation Destinations

As promised, here is your list of almost 100 staycation destinations! Mid Atlantic NW (or all), Connecticut :: Parenting Miracles Boston (or all), Massachusetts :: Maven of Savin Central, New Jersey :: Our Good LIfe Adirondak Mountains and Central, … [Continue reading]

Craftsy Class Giveaway

My first memory of sewing was when I was probably 6 or 7 and my mom let me make a pot holder on the sewing machine. I don't know how well the pot holder turned out, but I do know that I have always loved to sew. In high school I took home economics … [Continue reading]

Staycation: Fun Things to Do Around Austin

If you don't live near Austin, no problem...come back tomorrow and I will be posting a list with staycation ideas for almost 100 different cities! After having been away from Texas for almost 20 years, returning for good has become a staycation for … [Continue reading]

How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

Many years ago I learned to make my own laundry detergent and was thrilled to be able to avoid harsh chemicals and save a pretty penny. However, until recently, I continued to purchase dryer sheets because my husband cannot stand his clothes to have … [Continue reading]

iBlog: Book Release and Giveaway

Remember a couple of weeks ago I let you in on an upcoming book release, well the release date is finally here! iBlog Release: May 1st iBlog: everything you need to know about blogging from 30 top bloggers is filled to the brim with excellent … [Continue reading]

Lap Desk Tutorial

I almost threw the lid away and then I thought, I could make something with that lid! I had seen cute lap desks at the crafting store, but decided I didn't want to pay that much for one. Surely I could turn this orphaned lid into a comfy lap … [Continue reading]

Herbal Medicine Making: Calendula Lotion

Herbal Medicine Making: Calendula Lotion has been moved to my new herbal site The Christian Herbal. … [Continue reading]

What’s Been Going On?

Has it really been 2 months since I last posted? Life seems to have taken me by storm, but is sure is nice to sit down and take a breather. I have always marveled at the women who can blog while giving birth. When things get intense in my life, I … [Continue reading]