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Ponder the Path is a personal blog, written and edited by Jasmine Lucero. Some of the post on this blog may contain affiliate links (in which I receive a small commission if you purchase an item through the links), review products (products I have received for free), or other items I may have received as compensation (giveaway products).

When I write and publish a post on this site, the thoughts of the post are my own and are not swayed by the products I receive. In fact, I won’t even review an item if it is not something that fits well with our family and our beliefs. The affiliate links and products promoted on this blog are all ones that our family uses and have enjoyed. I don’t necessarily agree with or endorse every product of every affiliate (for instance, I buy books from Christianbooks.com, but not all the books they sell honor God).

I do want to thank those of you that have used the affiliate links or have visited one of the sponsors of this blog. This is a blessing to our family and we appreciate it.

Privacy Policy

I offer a subscription to my blog via email. Email addresses are never shared in any form, and are used only to delivery Ponder the Path posts, newsletters, or other blog information.

Other Disclosures

I am just a stay-at-home mother with many passions. I enjoy sharing my life with others, as I hope it will be a blessing. I have a degree in accounting, so I am qualified to do your taxes. However I am not a licensed teacher, doctor, nutritionist, herbalist, counselor, or farmer. Opinions on this blog are merely that, my opinions. Please do enough research in all areas of your life so that you feel comfortable taking responsibility for any outcomes.