There are so many great sites out there, but I have chosen just a few that we use frequently.

Christian Education Materials

Vision Forum Ministries
We have long enjoyed Vision Forum Ministries and their products. Vision Forum focuses on history, creationism, family roles, carrying everything from DVDs to old fashioned toys to classical literature. One of my favorite items is the Faith and Freedom tour CDs. We have never been able to afford to attend a Faith and Freedom tour with VF, but I have enjoyed listening to the messages taught at each tour. I will say that I don’t necessarily agree with every doctrine or every message, but I do believe they are a solid Christian company who strives to serve the Lord.

Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils.

Mountain Rose Herbs
I buy most of my herbs, soapmaking, lip balm and lotion supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs. I have been very pleased with the quality of oils I have received, especially the palm oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. I will add a word of caution…this is not a Christian company. Some of the products they carry promote New Age type practices. I do not promote these products.

The Old Schoolhouse magazine
This is a great, down to earth homeschool magazine. I have been a subscriber for many years now. I remember when the magazine was a skinny black and white newsletter, and now, it’s all grown up into a beautiful mature magazine. I really enjoy it because it covers so much more than “just” homeschooling. There are articles about places to see, homesteading, adoption, and so much more! Great articles, reviews, products, and most all, ran by people who love the Lord! carries just about anything that calls itself Christian. This can be good and bad. Obviously there are many who call themselves Christian and write books, movies, CDs, etc that don’t line up with the Word of God…beware! However, Christianbooks does carry lots of great things. I get most of my homeschooling materials from them. You just need to know what you are looking for before you dive in.

The Bread Beckers

Nurtured Family
Nurtured Family carries items for mom and baby…cloth diapers, slings, maternity/nursing bras. I have bought all my Fuzzi Bunz here. They are very competitivly priced and best of all, they love the Lord. I really do try to buy from other Christians out there when possible.

Nurtured Family

The Bread Beckers
I can’t believe it has been over 5 years now that I have been grinding wheat and making my own bread! I remember like it was yesterday, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my WonderMill wheat grinder. And this is the company I purchased it from. I remember listening to Sue Becker’s audio presentation entitled “Bread of Idleness”. (BTW, you can request a free CD containing the 90 min. presentation at the link above.) After listening to the information she presented concerning whole grains, I was floored. I felt duped by Big Business America. I am so thankful for Sue’s passion to share the wonderful benefits of eating freshly ground grain.