Why is the “About Me” always the hardest part to write?

First, I love the Lord, but not nearly as much as He loves me. I can’t comprehend how great His love toward us is, that He would love a sinner like me. Thank you Jesus, for your grace and mercy.

Second, I am married to a wonderful man who has loved me through it all. We were married almost 20 years ago, not long after my 16th birthday. I thank God for the husband He has blessed me with. Marriage is not all about “happiness” or any other “romantic” idea, it is about being faithful to the covenant we made with God and our spouse. When we lay it all down, and say to the Lord, not my will but yours be done, that’s when the true joy comes. That’s when we can experience the blessings he has for us through our marriage.

Third, I am mama to 6 precious kiddos ages 18-1. Ahh, motherhood…I could write a whole page here, but suffice to say I love my job. I am so thankful to be able to be a mama, to love and guide and teach the wonderful blessings the Lord has bestowed upon my husband and I.

And all the other non-eternal stuff — Air Force wife, homeschooling mom, herbalist in training, quilter, soapmaker, all around homesteader…yup, that about sums it up!