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Pearson's Homeschool enVisionMATH Review

With a new baby arriving at this spring, our school year was cut short while everyone adjusted to another family member and Mom recovered. However, I found that not do school was actually more difficult than doing school, so we started up our “new” school year in May. {I love how I can make up my own rules like that!}

By public school standards, I have a new student this year. My five year old will be starting kindergarten, although in actuality he is already halfway through 100 Easy Lessons (reading) and a complete math whiz. That is why I was so excited to try Pearson’s Homeschool enVisionMATH for 1st grade with him.

Pearson Homeschool enVisionMATH

I had looked at the Pearson’s website to see if I thought the math would be a good fit for him. The first grade level starts out pretty basic with number recognition, greater than/less than, and simple addition and subtraction. I felt like this is probably the level he should be working on.

The Pearson’s Homeschool enVisionMATH 1st grade math kit comes with a consumable tablet for the student, a teacher’s guide on CD, and an interactive game on CD.

Consumable Tablet

I immediately knew that I liked the format for the tablet. I had never seen one like it before. Each days lesson is torn out of the tablet and folded in half to make a “booklet” for the child to work on. I don’t know about your first graders, but my first graders usually bend the binding of their notebooks, take their pencils and draw in the creases, scribble on the page edges. By the end of the year their notebooks are barely holding together. I really like the idea of just giving them the days work (which lays flat and easy to work on) and keeping the rest of the tablet put away until needed.

I really liked the fact that the lessons are broken up into sections, especially for a 1st grade level. Even though my son loves math and does very good at it, long lessons would not keep his interest. With the Pearson’s enVisionMATH, he gets to work on a skill for a few minutes, then work on another, and another. Even though these skills are related and build on each other, he feels like he is doing different things so he doesn’t get bored.

The most exciting thing for my son was the “games” in the tablet. Each unit has a game that reinforces the concepts learned in the unit. They are very simple games that can be played by 2 players, but it great fun for Isaac to take a break from the “school work” and play a game.

Pearson's Homeschool enVisionMATH Review

Teacher’s Guide on CD/

I will be honest. I wasn’t thrilled when I saw that the teacher’s guide was on CD. It always seems cumbersome to try and figure out what to do on the computer then do the lesson away from the computer. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the structure of the teacher’s guide is laid out very well and makes it extremely user friendly.

For instance, each lesson has additional printables and a interactive math story that goes along with it. What I liked was that there is a picture of the printable that you need for that lesson and you can click on the picture to print it out right then. No hunting around trying to find what printable goes with what lesson!

The teacher’s guide also has lots of “extras” that can be used to reinforce the skills being taught. There are strategies for teaching students that are behind or need extra help in learning the concepts. There are also ideas for helping the gifted learner reach their full potential. This is wonderful because there are times when our students may fall into each of these categories (or we may be teaching children of different ages).

Pearson's Homeschool enVisionMATH Review

Interactive Game on CD

According to my son, the quiz show math game is the best thing about his new math curriculum! In fact, I often have to make him finish up his “math” so that he can move on to other schoolwork.

The interactive game on CD is set up similar to a quiz show, allowing students to play against each other or the computer. The quiz questions are math problems that the student has been learning in their lessons. The students are able to play at the level they are studying. For instance, when my son is studying unit 2, he clicks on the unit 2 quizzes.

The only problem we have had with the game is that my son doesn’t read proficient enough to play completely by himself. However, he has a sister that is more than willing to sit with him and read the quiz questions, especially if it means she can put off some of her own schoolwork!

I like the quiz show game because it reinforces the lessons being taught, but it is fun for my son so he doesn’t realize he is spending so much time learning. If we spent the same amount of time just sitting and doing problems on paper, he would quickly tire out and want to quit.

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