Preschool Fun: Stellaluna

Stellaluna @ponderthepath

{image credit: My daughter, Maddie, has been learning photography and helping take pictures for the blog. I think she did a great job with this one!}

Sometimes in the busyness of homeschooling older children, the younger ones miss out on fun projects and learning of their own. In our family, I have to be intentional about making sure I spend time doing hands on learning with the preschoolers. It doesn’t have to fancy or take up a lot of time. Something simple is usually best.

One of the best ways to incorporate learning and fun is to choose a simple children’s book. After reading the book with the children, choose an activity that relates to the story.

We recently checked out a long-time favorite…Stellaluna. Stellaluna is a young bat that is separated from her mother and ends up in a next of birds. She just doesn’t fit in and feels down about her failures, until she discovers she is really a bat. A wonderful book that teaches us to be the person God created us to be!

Stellaluna pages @ponderthepath

For our related craft, I did a quick search on YouTube and found some how-to videos teaching basic origami.

“Ori” is the Japanese word for folding and “Kami” is the word for paper.

We made origami bats and an origami wing flapping bird. Even the older kids joined in on the fun. The two year old was a bit young to make his own, but he did get some practice using the scissors to cut paper. I love it when everyone is learning, even if it wasn’t planned or structured.

Origami bat @ponderthepath

Origami bird @ponderthepath

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We also read The Big Hungry Bear and made strawberry shortcakes and would love to share that with you as well.



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