The Battle is On

Lion 1 Peter 5:8 @ponderthepath

I was on the top rung of the ladder painting my living room ceiling when the conversation started. You know the one where I start talking to the audience in my head. “Ladies, we must be vigilant. Our adversary, the devil is walking around like a roaring lion seeing whom he can devour (1 Peter 5:8).”


The longer you homeschool, you realize how seasonal homeschooling can be. Some years are planting years, and you spend your time getting the fields reading and planting the seeds. Other years are harvesting years when the fruit of your labor is gathered up.

The last couple of years have been a time of winter for our family. We have suffered hardships and have survived on the previous seasons bounty. And just as I am always so thrilled when the first hint of spring arrives, I have recently been renewed by the warmth of a new season of homeschooling on the horizon.

And with the dawn of this new season comes a strong zeal to do away with complacency and press forward with purpose and reason. We are in the midst of a battle and we are training up warriors for this battle.

The Battle

This weekend, I watched a rather long YouTube video of a recorded chat between 4 atheist. The reason for the chat was their concern with the fact that so many Christians (mostly homeschoolers) are teaching their children that God created the world in 6 literal days 6,000 years ago. One of the ladies stated that she felt that it was “immoral” for parents to teach this as truth.

We live in a society that believes women should have the right to kill their baby’s in the womb, but should not have the right to direct the learning of their children. We have millions of Americans fighting for same sex marriage stating that it has no effect on Christians (“their marriage doesn’t effect you”), and yet they want to dictate what I teach my child because finding a cure for AIDS depends on my child learning “real science”.

The Warriors

Back in 2006, there was a speaker at our church that was talking about creationism and the book of Genesis. I had never heard of the speaker before, nor had I heard anyone put all the pieces of the puzzle together like he did. He answered questions that I had had for years concerning dinosaurs and the different races of people and how animals change over time.

He presented information from Christian men and women who were scientist in all different fields. And he showed that each time true scientific methods are used, the truth of the Bible is always made clearer. Science never contradicts the Word of God and will always prove what the Bible says is true.

Over the years, I have listened to this man speak many times and am so thankful for men like Ken Ham who stand and speak the truth even when faced with adversity.

The Victory

Ken will be speaking at a homeschool convention this summer, where the aforementioned atheist group will be protesting. Their hope is to silence those of us who stand for Biblical truth. I am hoping to attend the convention, not because I like being in the middle of turmoil…I don’t.

In fact, I could very easily stay at home and think to myself, “This is a free country. They can’t tell me what to teach my children. Homeschooling is legal and always will be.” But the fact is, our freedoms will only remain intact if we are vigilant in standing up to the enemy. Hard earned freedoms will only remain if we work hard to keep them.

Should we fall back because of fear? Jesus tells us in Revelation 1:17 to “fear not” because He is the first and the last. How can we trust that the Lord will be the last, unless we believe with all our hearts that He was the first. He was the Creator God who spoke the world into existence in 6 literal days 6,000 years ago. And He is the one who holds the world in His hands and directs the paths of men. And because we know this, we can rest assured when He tells us to “fear not”.


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