iBlog: Book Release and Giveaway

Remember a couple of weeks ago I let you in on an upcoming book release, well the release date is finally here!

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iBlog Release: May 1st

iBlog: everything you need to know about blogging from 30 top bloggers is filled to the brim with excellent information for both new bloggers and seasoned bloggers alike. The over 400 pages cover everything from getting started to building your blog to social media to balancing it all.

I sat down and started reading last week and was just amazed at the wisdom that these ladies shared. Thankfully it is not too late to start implementing some of the information on my own blog. Other than the first chapter (which was written by yours truly) I learned something new from every chapter I read. Pretty impressive considering I have been blogging off and on for many years!

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This book encompasses all aspects of blogging. I would definitely call this book a “complete blogging manual”. And what is so great about this book is that each contributor shared her area of expertise. These ladies really are TOP bloggers and each of them is gifted in different areas. They have poured out their hearts and minds, sharing all they know about their given topics!

Need help getting started? It’s in here!

Want to know how to increase traffic? Yep, it’s in here!

What about making money from blogging? You guessed it, it’s in here!!!

How to Get iBlog

A 400 page blogging manual is easily worth $30 or more, but we wanted to make sure that iBlog was affordable for everyone. We feel like you are getting a steal of a deal for $7.99!

But to make the release a little bit sweeter, I will be giving away 3 copies of iBlog in 3 days!

On Saturday morning I will chooses 3 lovely winners and each will receive a copy of this excellent blogging reference guide.

If you can’t wait until Saturday and would like to start reading today, go ahead a purchase a copy today! (If you are the winner on Saturday, I will gladly refund your money for the copy you bought.)


iBlog Giveaway

Winners will receive one free copy of iBlog: everything you need to know about blogging from 30 top bloggers. Giveaway will end Saturday morning and I will randomly choose a winner!

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  1. Steph Rich says:

    I literally just finished reading your portion of the book iblog and I really appreciate what you wrote about the kids growing up thinking mommy never had time because she was always on the computer. The night that I purchased the book and before I started reading, my 4 yr old came in the room after bedtime as she sometimes do to fall asleep w me and to be taken back to bed by daddy. I was blogging and responding to comments while she was lying beside me and I looked over at her and in that moment, shut down everything to snuggle under the covers with her until she fell asleep. I knew that I did not want that picture in her mind. There’s always time to blog but these years with her…I’ll only get once. Thank you for confirming in your portion of the book that there are successful mommy bloggers out there who didn’t totally sacrifice home and family for their success. I believe God will show me just how to do what I’m doing all this His glory. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in that book. Now, to more reading.

    • You know, this is really an area that I struggle with, but I really have seen the importance of in my own family. Just recently, I had a talk with my 16 year old son about his computer time. He makes videos for YouTube. And while that is not bad, I asked him, “Is it the BEST? Is it the best use of your time?” I have to ask myself that question. There are times that blogging is best. There are times that there are things on my heart that need to be shared and I feel that the Lord has blessed me and allowed me to do that. But there are other times that I just piddle on the computer (all blog related, of course) and it really isn’t the best use of my time. Thank you for taking the time to share with me, because we really are in this together and it helps to know that others go through the same thing!

  2. Meyira says:

    Haha I WON!!!…only thing is..I figured I wouldn’t win because I never win anything and just settled for buying a copy..so now I have 2!! If only I could get a refund lol..

    • Meyira,
      Email Amy (the one who sent you the iBlog code) and let her know the situation. She had said that if that happened she would gladly refund the winner. Or if you want, you can give one copy away to someone else. Either way, congratulations!

  3. fFh0513 says:

    Sorry I missed this giveaway, I saw the email about it, but then got sidetracked and didn’t ever get over to sign up. How exciting to know you wrote a chapter! I will have to get the book. Didn’t know you have been blogging for years, can’t wait to glean from your and the others wisdom. Take care! Some how my name got put on Disqus as a number, can’t figure out how to change it. 🙁

    • Hi Nicci,
      I have already learned alot from the other writers. I have been blogging for years, but in various places (I started off at homesteadblogger.com many years ago, and have slowly worked up to my current blog). I am not sure how to change the name on Disqus, but you might try going to the main site and looking at your profile. Maybe there is a place to put in your name in. How do you like Disqus? I saw that you started using it. I really like it, but I just realized I am not getting email notifications when I get new comments. I just got on my blog and saw several comments I didn’t know I had. I need to take a look and see if my settings are off.

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