Herbal Medicine Making: Calendula Lotion

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  1. Hi…does this work on any type of skin irritations? I break out in a rash that seems to be mostly relate to stress/hormones, but doctors don’t know what it is…no kind of cream I have ever tried work… The main advice they have is to keep the skin really hydrated…will this work for that? Ad how often do you use it?

    • Hi Amanda,
      With skin issues it can be a variety of things (eczema, yeast/fungal, allergens), so I generally try to find the root of the problem. Generally skin problems are from an internal condition. So for eczema, I have my daughter take a good probiotic to keep her bowels healthy and her digestion good. I also give her burdock root which is used to treat dry, scaly skin conditions. We have also found that pasteurized milk causes her eczema to worsen, so she only drinks raw milk. As for the cream, she uses that to treat the “symptoms” while doing the other stuff to get treat the cause of the problem. She puts the cream on as often as needed, so really anytime her hands feel dry (just like you would for lotion). One other thought that just came to me was that her eczema gets much worse if she uses any soap that isn’t “natural”. I make our soap, but she has also used Burt’s Bees or other homemade soaps. Anytime she is away from home and uses soap to wash her hands (like in a public restroom), it irritates her hands. So this might be another thing to look at.
      Hope this gives you some help,

  2. Where do you get all these ingredients…my daughter has extreme eczema. okay sorry just saw your link…oops!


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