Life with a Virus and an Eruption

We were in TX last week for my dad’s wedding and made it home just in time to jump in bed with the flu. After being down all week, I finally pulled myself out of bed yesterday and attempted to do something fun with the kids.

My sister had sent the four year old a DIY Volcano for Christmas. It was then that I realized I had never made a volcano with my kids…what a homeschool failure I have been! Anyhow, I had to explain to them how we made volcanos back in day. We didn’t have neat rolls of plaster, we had newspapers and flour and water. It was messy, took forever to dry, and was very heavy. Not to mention it probably caved in after one eruption!

Today’s volcanos are different. Using wet plaster strips that dry overnight, we have a rock hard volcano that is super lightweight, painted in tones of brown and green with a light glow-in-the-dark accent.

I must have really talked up the excitement of the volcano as it seems my description of “an explosion” didn’t quite match the fizzle that bubbled over the top of the volcano. Maybe it would have been more dramatic if I had put in red food coloring, but even then I think the four year old would have been disappointed by the fact that there wasn’t lava spewing out all over the dining room.

I tried to remedy the situation by making an explosive noise and shaking the table. The four year old suggested adding the entire box of baking soda next time.

Maybe we will.

Edited to add: We have since made our own volcanos from recycled bottles and paper mache. They didn’t turn out heavy like I remembered them and because we used a bigger bottle than the one from our DIY kit, we were able to experience a much more realistic explosion!


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