Herbalism from Pagan Roots?

Herbalism from Pagan Roots? @jasminejlucero

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  1. I recently visited your blog to read your previous posts about herbs and Christians. I am a Christian with the belief that God did provide plants/herbs for mankind (mainly as a source of food). I do believe that there is evidence in the Bible as to their other uses also. Such as balm in Gilead, incense burned before God, bitter herbs to be eaten by the Hebrews on the night of their departure from Egypt, myrrh and frankincense given to Jesus by the wise men. I believe that you are right that Satan always has his alternative answer to give to man. That does not change the truth but just as we should avoid his other alternatives we should use caution in this area also. Satan is very good at mixing the truth with a lie. I have been doing a lot of research on herbs lately and there really are some very strange beliefs wrapped up in alternative medicine including herbalism. I believe there is much one can learn from observation but certainly do not believe that God intends for us to “commune with plants”. I would much rather communicate with the One who created the plants. It is a shame that our ancient ancestors did not pass along from generation to generation what God showed them. As there are numerous stories of a world flood around the world but a lack of correct information so much of what man should have passed on has been distorted. When Noah was to enter the ark, God told him to bring all the plants that could be eaten along. He obviously knew what plants to bring. There is then from this passage the question that arises “Were all plants not edible?” and if not which ones. Like I said much knowledge has been lost to us over time.

    There is much in life that is derived from pagan practices, even much of what goes on during the celebration of Christmas. As believers we do need to be aware and not fall into Satan’s ways but I totally agree that we need to claim what is intended for good from God and not let Satan rob us of God’s blessings.

  2. Namaste. Christianity has “pagan” roots. The point is that we are all under one God; that God is infinite, undifferentiated spirit. Religion is the pathway to learning and getting to know/love that infinite spirit. There are many paths, but one destination. All religions are just separate paths, and if they are followed to the end, you will realize the goal of all religions; union with God. Om Shanti.

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