My Personal Spa

When we were back home in Texas a couple of months ago, my 10 year old asked for a pedicure for her birthday. She and her sisters had never had a pedicure, so I took all three of them to celebrate. Since that time, Maddie and Hannah have opened up a family salon. I couldn’t be happier!

Having a large family often comes with sacrifices and one of those sacrifices is unnecessary trips to the beauty parlor. I just can’t justify spending the money on myself or finding the time. And truthfully, if I want to spend money on myself, I want it to really count–not get washed down the drain!

So recently, the girls asked if they could give me a pedicure. Why had I not thought of this before? I looked through my cabinets and drawers and found lots of unused goodies to supply their salon. They found a large toy tub and they were in business.

Hannah even found an old “label maker” that she scans appointment slips with. Yes, you have to make an appointment in advance. No walk-ins allowed. My grandmother came down for Thanksgiving and was treated to daily pedicures and massages. I think she will be back.

It didn’t take long before their small stash of soap and lotion had dwindled. They wanted to buy some more supplies when I remembered that last year about this time my sweet friend Stacy had given me an e-book that she put together called Simple Scrubs to Make and Give. I had looked through it at the time, but just didn’t find the time to actually make any of the scrubs. I thought this would be a great time to have the girls read through it and play with some of her recipes.

I downloaded the book onto Maddie’s Nexus 7 and she spent the next day reading through all of the recipes. She kept coming to me, excited to announce another great recipe she wanted to try! I started out by letting her make a simple scrub that I use as an alternative baby bath. It is just a mixture of dead sea salt, almond oil, and lavender essential oil. This one is also great to put into the bath water to because it is both calming (because of the lavender eo) and detoxifying (the dead sea salt).

It wasn’t long before the girls had three different scrubs made. I had to slow down their scrub making work just so we didn’t run out of supplies, but promised they could resume once we had finished using the ones they had made.

They are already planning on making some for Christmas gifts, and I thought that was a great idea! In the past they have often wanted to make gifts for others, but were not able to make something without substantial help (and I can’t always work with them). These scrubs are easy enough that they can make them without much help from me.

I think they will be a huge hit with our friends and relatives! I know I can’t wait to try the Energizing Foot Scrub. I opened the jar to take a picture of it and the aroma was so invigorating. Looking forward to another appointment at my personal spa.

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