Allume: What I Learned by Staying Home (part 2)

I was getting a bit long winded in the last post so I decided it would be best to divide it into 2 posts.  So yesterday I covered the first three speakers: Sarah Mae, Jessica, and Sally.

Getting Close to the Unsaved

Saturday morning found Problogger, Darren Rowse at the podium.  I was a little unsure of what to expect from Darren.  I had heard of him before, but haven’t read alot of his writings and didn’t know where he was coming from as far as his story, his beliefs, his life.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that he indeed is a professing Christian.  Honestly, though, I figured I would gain more technical knowledge from him than a message from the Lord.  I was wrong.

Darren told the story of Philip and the Eunuch from the end of Acts 8.  Philip was told by the angel of the Lord to go down near a eunuch who was standing in a chariot reading Isaiah the prophet, not understanding what he was reading.  Philip explains God’s word, the eunuch believes God’s word and is saved.  Philip then baptizes the Eunuch before being caught up by the Spirit of the Lord.

OK, the point he made in this was that Philip had to be in close proximity to the unsaved eunuch before he 1) knew that he was reading the Scripture, and 2) needed help understanding what he was reading.

Give me a minute to explain how this pertains to me.

I am at home with my children most all the time.  I like being home.  My days seem so much more peaceful when I don’t have to run around.  In fact, now that I have another driver in the family, I often send her out to run errands for me (and she is happy to do so!).  While this works out wonderfully for our family, I am often reminded that very rarely am I ever around non-Christians.

When it comes to blogging, I consider myself a Christian blogger.  All the blogs I read are Christian blogs.

In order for me to have proximity to unbelievers (in order to minister to them), I have to either go to them (which I will get to in a bit) or draw them in to my blog.  And how do I do that?  I provide excellent content that they find useful.

In the case of Problogger, he has two websites: a photography site and his blogging site.  He offers relevant content to everyone.

In the case of my blog, I have thought about this before, but from a different perspective.  I was thinking, “oh, I need to focus more on the spiritual aspect of my blog, not the quilting, or soapmaking, or healthy eating side of things.”

I had an epiphany when I realized that God has blessed the work of my hands in these areas.  And by sharing my talent through my blog, I am drawing in not only believers who also have a love of these things or a desire to learn them—I am also drawing in anyone else who may find it useful.  And hopefully they will stay long enough to be ministered to in one way or another.

Loving Without Fear

Last of the keynote speakers was sweet Ann Voskamp.  Again, I vaguely knew who she was but haven’t read any of her work or her blog. One of the great points Ann made during her talk was that we as Christians, need to quit being afraid of being lumped in together with non-Christians.  What she said was so true and I see this in myself so many times!  I am so afraid to leave a comment of encouragement or whatever because I fear that other people will see that comment and think that I agree with everything that person says or stands for.

Here’s an example:

I read someone’s status on Facebook and could tell from the post that the person needed some love and encouragement (she used profanities in her post).  I replied to the post letting her know that I loved her.  However, after I hit publish, I thought to myself, “What if people think that I think it is OK to talk like that?  Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything to her.”

Do you see the problem?  I was afraid to reach out in fear of being chastised by other believers.  I was scared that other people would link me to her sin if I showed any love and compassion toward her.

We should never fear loving one another.

A Request for Prayer

As I ponder these thoughts and a million more that swirl about in my head, I would like to ask for your prayers.  As with anything in this life, when we surrender to the will of God we never truly know where He will take us.  I pray that He would be glorified in all I do and say and that this blog would be used any way that He sees fit.  I sometimes get caught up in the mechanics of blogging and forget the real reason for typing out words on my screen.  May the Lord truly lead me and may I wholeheartedly follow Him.




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