Teaching the Young Women

Titus 2:4 @ponderthepath

Yesterday was a beautiful, crisp autumn day here in Wichita.  A friend invited me and the kids to join her for Cowtown museum’s education day.  Cowtown is a living history museum, set in the 1800’s.  The kids were able to talk with a man about buffalo’s, see what was in the chuck wagon, and pet the milk goats.  There were wool dyers, yarn spinners, soap makers, and wheat grinders there.  My oldest daughter remarked, “What’s funny is that we do all these things ourselves!”  Yes, we do.  I guess that is why the man dying the wool looked surprised when my daughter asked him what mordant he was using to set the dye.

So throughout the morning, we explored the museum and ended our time there with the children shucking dry corn, then grinding it in the hand grinder while I wandered through what was left of the herb garden.  As we were gathering to leave, a young mom with a toddler stopped me and commented on what a nice family I had.

“You have six children?” she asked.  Upon reflection she must have been watching us for a while, because we were somewhat separated at the time and mixed with the other family we had come with.  I told her yes, I had six children.  She then asked if I homeschooled.  Yes again.

“How do you do it {homeschool the older ones} with your little ones?”  At this point, I wasn’t sure if was asking because she thought it was impossible (there were tons of school kids there, so I thought she might be a parent to one of them) or if she was just curious as to whether it really could be done.  I gave her a pat answers, something about working while the little ones napped.

Then I saw that look in her eyes.  “I try doing that, but I just feel like I am not doing all I need to for my older kids.  I have an 11 year old and an 8 year old, but the 3 year old and 1 year old take up so much of my time…”  At this point I realized she didn’t want a game plan on how to do it, she needed to be encouraged and know that she could do it.

Thankfully my oldest daughter was there with me.  It seems to add some credibility when you say that they will turn out OK even if you don’t get to everything.  What really matters is being together as a family and giving them that desire to learn.  Lighting the fire.

As we were parting, she quickly asked, “Do they fight?” to which I quickly replied, “Everyday.”  I assured her that it was part of the process.  We are all sinful and being sanctified daily.  Kids will fight, but it is our jobs as parents to lovingly (still working on this myself) lead them in the ways of the Lord.  And yes, as they get older, we do begin to see the fruits of our labor.  It makes my heart sing when I hear my oldest daughter teaching the younger girls how to work things out biblically.

As we were driving home, my daughter stated, “That was neat how the Lord led us to talk with that lady.”

I was then reminded of a promise I made to myself one day.  I was at a conference walking around the booths when I came across a family business.  The couples’ children are mostly all grown, and have all contributed amazingly to the business.  I waited until the lady was available and I timidly asked her how you go from homeschooling to family business.  Just like the lady I met, I didn’t need a road map.  I just needed an encouraging word to let me know that if I stuck with it the Lord would bring us along.

Instead, I got a rushed, “Well I discuss that on this CD…”

I have never felt more deflated.

And I promised myself to never do that to anyone else.  One of the requirements of being a Titus 2 older women is to teach the younger women.  We need to give encouragement and training freely to the younger women the Lord has placed in our paths.

Now I don’t say all that to let you know that I did something right and this other woman did something wrong.  Rather, I would like others to see that just taking a little time can really bless others.  No matter where we are on our journey, there is always someone one step behind us that could use our encouragement!


  1. Thank you so much for this. I live in Wichita and ironically, a friend of mine from NC (my birthplace) sent me this link. It was just what I needed dealing with a very whiny, high-maintenance 2 year old, all the while trying to homeschool my 5 year old. I look forward to your posts. Maybe we will cross paths someday! (And BTW- I was at Cowtown too that day!) 😉

    • Oh I just love it when God works things out so Providentially! I hope our paths do cross.

      This post was as much for me as anyone else! I currently have a 19 month old little boy who is constantly into everything. He is a climber and a chair pusher and a door unlocker. I have to remind myself that it is just a season. But boy, do the days seem long. Praying that the Lord would bless our time with the older kids and give us endurance/patience with the little ones!

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