Magazine Holder Cozy

We homeschool year round at our house, but usually mid-summer I get the itch to start planning for the next school year. I think about how things worked out the previous year, and if there are any changes that I would like to make for the upcoming year.

One of the things that has been on my mind is the accessibility of “my stuff”. I usually keep all of our current books in a large basket on the bookshelf. But once I sit down to start reading to the kids, I have to either bring several books with me or get up between books to get the next one. I don’t mind getting up and getting the next book, but I have noticed that when mama gets up, even for a second, the kids scatter like ants. And their focus is completely gone.

To remedy the situation, I decided to place several books in a magazine holder at the side of my seat. I can now keep my books, worksheets, maps, pens…all at my fingertips as we move from one lesson to the next.

And because I didn’t like the look of black plastic, I came up with a cute magazine holder cozy to jazz it up a bit. I was so pleased with the results!

Head on over to The Happy Housewife where I am sharing my magazine cozy tutorial!

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