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Over the last few years, we have been using the same math program and have become very comfortable with it. We were recently given the chance to review another math program to supplement our own. I was under the impression that the math program we were going to review would be just that–a review program. I assumed that it would help solidify math facts, etc. However, Professor B turned out to be so much more than I first thought!


How It Works

Professor B Math is an online math program that “teaches 3 years of math in 1 year”.  While we were given an entire year to use the program, we have only been reviewing it for 7 weeks so I have not yet determined whether Hannah has learned three years of math using the program!

To start the program, the student in placed in one of three levels.  Because Hannah is going into the 2nd grade next year, I placed her in the first level.

Here are some screenshots of the Level One Table of Contents:

The student starts at the beginning topic and works their way through each one. As the student goes through each topic, Professor B walks the student through each lesson step-by-step. There is no audio during the lesson. Rather, the parent (or the student) reads the lesson aloud.

After the online lessons are completed, the parent can print out worksheets to offer practice for the lesson.


Each level is $20 per month, with discounts given for using more than one level.  For a yearly subscription to one level (which is actually available for a total of 36 months), the cost is $100.

Age Range

Level 1   PreK-2nd grade and remediation of older learners

The website FAQ states that students as young as three can do the program.  I don’t know that my three year old would sit still long enough to do the program, but it would be nice if he would!

Level 2  3rd-5th grade and remediation of older learners

Level 3  6th-8th grade and remediation of older learners


Professor B is a *new* way of learning math (for us anyway).  It teaches math in a way that makes it “connected and flowing like a story”.  I love math. I always have. But I am not a very good math teacher for my children. I don’t always know how to explain how to do something. I don’t always know why the problem is solved the way it is, I just get the answer. I think that Professor B Math is able to show (even me) how you get from A to B, and why.

Another pro is that this program can be used for many children at all different skill levels.  This is great for the pocket book!  It is also beneficial for the kids to have them work at it together.  As I will mention later, I didn’t always have the time to sit down with Hannah and work on math with her.  It was nice having an older sibling sit with her.  Not only did Hannah learn new material, but Maddie was able to review math.


For me, the website was a bit cumbersome. Once I log on and chose the appropriate level, I am taken to the “instruction” page. There are so many options on this page, it took me a few minutes to decide to just go to the table of contents. Once there I was fine and able to get to the lessons. However, there is not a way to track student progression. I couldn’t always remember which lesson we had done last. Or sometimes I would have one of the other kids do it with her and I wasn’t always sure how far they had gone or what they had completed. I guess I could have remedied the situation by writing it down, but it would have been great if the program kept track for me (call me lazy, or just real busy!)

Another con for our family is that Hannah was not able to use the program independently. She is still learning to read and needed someone to read the lessons to her. I realize that the program is set up this way so that the parent will know if the child has learned the lesson or not. But for us, it is just hard to find the time to sit with her each day. Maybe there could be an option to turn the sound on or off. Then the parent could decide what would be best for their family!


Honestly, I don’t feel like I have scratched the surface of the benefits of this program. The more we work on it, the more I find that I like about it. I am planning on continuing this with all of the kids. Even if they have learned a math skill, this program is a great way to tie it all together. It strengthens the foundation so that all math skills are improved. i would definitely recommend Professor B Math!

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  1. Hi, can you clarify the cost for me? Does it cost $100 for one or three years? How much does it cost for 3 levels? For more than one child? I’m just entering the home schooling scene and I’m really not sure which level to place my kids. Thank you so much.


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