Winner of the Vision Forum Conference Pass

This week has been a whirlwind for our family.  We have packed up about a third of our house (including out chickens) and moved it to our home in TX.  The rest of our belongings will remain with my husband in Kansas until he can join us in TX once he retires next spring.  For now, we will hold down two forts, and hopefully get to visit each other often.

My mom is staying with us while she receives treatment at MD Anderson’s cancer center.   We were able to meet with her doctor Monday and find out what type of treatment she will be receiving.  Thankfully this round of chemo will be in the form of two pills she takes daily.  According to the doctor, she should experience less side effects than her first round 3 years ago.  She should also have a bit more freedom to go back and forth between her home in the panhandle and ours near Houston.

Right now, I am just thankful.  Thankful to be here, to be able to do any little bit that I can for her.  I think that when those we love are suffering, there is an overwhelming desire to just do something…anything, to help.

Needless to say, we have been without internet (I thought we would be able to have it connected as soon as we arrived, not so).  It has been nice in that it gave me time to work on getting the house in order.  Since arriving we (mostly hubby) have had to unclog the sewage line, put in a new toilet, have the septic tanks pumped, spread fire ant killer, build the chicken house, and replace a heating element in the refrigerator.  I bought some rope to string up a clothes line (got to take advantage of this south Texas heat), but will have to get to that later.  Just trying to catch my breath a bit.

And the winner is…

Well I guess this is really what everyone is waiting for, right?  Who is it going to be?  I am excited to announce that Tammy Bryant and her husband Eddie will be joining me in San Antonio for the Vision Forum Reformation of Food and the Family Conference.  I am excited because I know Tammy (I promise I didn’t pick her on purpose, I used…but I did pray first that the Lord would choose the person that needed to attend) and it will be such a blessing to see her there.  I am planning on taking lots of notes, and hopefully be able to share lots of good information with you all.



  1. YEAH!!!!! Jasmine, thank you so much for having this drawing:) What a blessing this is going to be for our family!!!! We are so very excited and ready to learn what the Lord is going to teach us through these wonderful speakers. And what a blessing it will be to see you:) Praying for you all and your mother:)

    • I have been trying to email you but for some reason my email is messing up. I know the Lord has great things in store!!! If you would, email (I can receive but the sending is not working) me your address and phone and I will forward it to them.

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