Giveaway: Vision Forum’s The Reformation of Food and the Family Conference Pass for Two

Several years ago, when I was a new homeschooling mom, I had a little boy who had lots of energy. And not only did he have lots of energy, he was very sensitive–to everything. His socks bothered his toes. The peculiar smell at the Jelly Belly factory was unbearable. He couldn’t stand wearing pants or long sleeves (he still only wears pants to church), because he was always hot. As he grew older, he had trouble learning to read and write.

I was at a loss.

I didn’t know if he just needed more discipline. Maybe I wasn’t being consistent enough. Or maybe I just wasn’t good at homeschooling. I read and researched and tried all kinds of things, but they just weren’t helping.

At the time, we ate the typical American diet minus the sugary cereals. I really felt that because I only let my children eat the healthy cereals, we were doing good. Little by little, I started reading about eating a “whole foods” diet. I learned the benefits of grinding my own grain and drinking kefir. Most importantly, I learned how sugars and dyes that are so prevalent in foods targeted at children, actually affect their developing neurological systems. Many of the behaviors I was seeing in my son were a direct result of the foods I was feeding.

Over the next year, I begin to cut out as many processed foods as possible. We replaced the Kool-aid with all-natural water. We bought our milk and eggs straight from the farm and ate our veggies out of a garden (unfortunately not my own…still working on that one). I learned to bake bread, and yogurt, even experimented with kombucha.

The results were dramatic. My little man calmed down (to a normal little boy level), things didn’t bother him quite so much, he learned to read, and I realized the importance of feeding our kiddos (and ourselves) a nutrient dense diet.

I guess that is why I am so passionate about eating healthy. I have seen both sides. I have experienced first hand, the benefits of eating foods that are wholesome.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still struggle to stay away from the sugar. Eating healthy is not always easy. It is not always the cheapest. It is not always what I want to do.

I still need encouragement in this area of my life.

That is why I am sooo excited about this upcoming conference!!!

There are so many AWESOME speakers at this conference!

Nancy Campbell is going to be there. Her book Be Fruitful and Multiply really helped me see that children are a blessing from the Lord. I can’t wait to hear her wisdom and her love of helping women in God-given roles.

Michelle Duggar will be speaking. I think my girls are more excited about seeing (possibly meeting) her than I am. I just want to thank her personally for living out the example of a meek and quiet spirit, modeling it for those of us who need that kind of encouragement.

Kim Coghlan from Life in a Shoe. I really wanted to meet her at the film festival. I saw her on the last day of the festival. She was busy talking to someone else and I didn’t want to interrupt. But when I turned around, she was gone. I didn’t see her again, but I hope I will this time!

Joel Salatin…as much as I am excited to hear the ladies, I am really excited to hear Joel Salatin, of Polyface Farms, speak. He is a wealth of information and I would love to have a farm like his, with all my kids working together, growing our food.

The Good News Gets Even Better

If you couldn’t tell, I am thrilled that I am going to be able to go to this conference. But I am even more thrilled that I am going to get to take one of you with me!

I have a pass for 2 (you and hubby can go!) to the Vision Forum The Reformation of Food and the Family Conference!

The conference will be held July 12-14, 2012 in San Antonio, TX.

Who Wants to Join Me???

To enter to win a pass for 2 to The Reformation of Food and the Family conference,

leave a comment below telling my why you would like to attend


share this giveaway (either on your blog, facebook, twitter, or with your neighbor).

I would ask that only those actually able to attend would enter the contest (I don’t want to give the pass to someone that can’t attend when there are others who are able to attend that would love to).

I will be drawing (via a winner next Monday, so please enter by Sunday, June 25th at midnight.

Can’t wait to find out who will be joining me in San Antonio!


  1. We’ve been struggling with diet issues with our 2 year old and 8 year old. I didn’t grow up in the kitchen so cooking is fairly new territory for me and especially healthy cooking. This conference would be a great starting point for all of us:)


  2. Mary Ann says:

    I have osteoporosis and my doctor duggested i take drugs to help add calcium to my bones. My oldest son researched this drug and found it had very negative side affects, and the calcium from the drug did not always go to the bones in need of calcium. I told my doctor about the poor results of the drug and asked if she could help me treat it through good nutrition. She said she did not learn this in medical school and could not help me, and if I did not take the drugs I would be on my own.
    I have been reading and researching about proper nutrition to help health issues. Sometimes it is very confusing because I find contracting information. I would love to be able to come and learn what Christian food speakers have to say about what they have found with good food and nutrition.
    My hope is that I can help other Moms know they have choices when it comes to their health, and that proper nutrition is always a wonderful place to start.
    Thank you.

  3. kelly bell says:

    Wow! I would love to come to this. Drew was on medication since he was 4 yrs old. Every year it seemed the doctor was upping the dose and yet it wasn’t helping and I felt I was loosing my very imaginative/bright little man. He was on concerta and ritalin. He started to get angry and violent. So this year we took him completely off and I we changed his diet to almond milk and gluten free. He is sleeping better and his behavior is 100x better. I feel like I have a lot to learn but we are starting and God is healing. My husband was just diagnosed with celiac’s disease so he can’t have any gluten in his system. I would love to go to this and learn how to make my family the healthiest it can be. I now believe my son was misdiagnosed with ADHD and Aspergers. I believe he has allergies and sensitivities that were not picked up on a regular test. I just pray that God will redeem the time I have lost with him. Miss you friend!!!

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