Should Christians Use Herbs? (part 3)

Should Christians Use Herbs? @jasminejlucero

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  1. Thanks for posting this article. I am a member of which I really enjoy but my heart has been heavy over the pagan/shaman influence in this group. It has some great articles and classes but I am tired of it. Your article has put this in perspective for me. Thanks and I will look into Shonda’s classes which were also recommended to me by my midwife.
    Any other christian herbal resources you know of?
    Thanks and God Bless

    • Hi Lori,
      I have been a member of herbmentor in the past as well. They do offer lots of great information, but I was turned off by the paganism as well. It really takes work to make sure that what you are learning lines up with the Bible. I have enjoyed Shonda’s class. I just haven’t been able to spend as much time working on it as I would like.

      I just finished a book called Vintage Remedies Guide to Bread. At the end of the book, she stated that she offers a similar class. I don’t know anything about the class, so I couldn’t say whether it was good or not. But she said it was from a Biblical perspective… The website is

      Wishing you the best in your studies!

  2. Amy McIntire says:

    Hi there,

    Just saw your blog and these “articles” very good perspective – thanks for sharing!

    I too am reading the Vintage Remedies Bread book. I am also taking a Natural Wellness class/Family herbal class via Vintage Remedies and I really enjoy it. So it is worth the look-see Lori. I hope to move onto the Clinical Master Herbalist program, but really need to get my feet wet 1st. A good place to look for Christian based herbal/healing stuff is the Christian Natural Health Network – I just signed up today to try it and looks good so far. I have seen the Learning herb stuff too, and wonder the same slant. I am pondering joining the American Herbal Guild but most of it looks all inclusive and I am not sure where to go with that (and it is the main “credentialing” organization in the country too, esp if I decide to do this on a professional level).

    • Hi Amy,
      I will have to take a look at the Christian Natural Health Network. Thanks for sharing. I know that Shonda Parker of Naturally Healthy had founded a group called CHANA (Christian Herbalist Association of North America). I am not sure what happened with it though. I know they had one conference, but don’t know if it is still active or not. I am also pondering on whether to continue to become a clinical herbalist. At this point I just don’t find the time to study as much as I would like. Maybe in a different season of life I will find the time.

  3. I think you should look at this verse and study it carefully. Herbs and the use surely have been Hi-Jacked by satan and the occult. But the LORD has much more to say on this topic than your article here.

    “For the earth which drinks in the rain
    that often comes upon it, and bears herbs useful for those by whom it is
    cultivated, receives blessing from God.” (Heb 6:7)

  4. “For the earth which drinks in the rain
    that often comes upon it, and bears herbs useful for those by whom it is
    cultivated, receives blessing from God.” (Heb 6:7)

  5. Jen Trost says:

    Thank you for your perspective. I find it very interesting. I have often found myself seeking alternative health remedies in place of traditional medicine as I can not find peace with the government regulations, side effects, and generally hypocrisy with what we know of modern medicine. Instead I think of it as Roullette and risky. All that to say, I am confused by your disagreements with placental encapsulation and even the cannabis sativa herb. My first thought is that in many cases, the placenta is steamed and cooked through, therefore you aren’t consuming blood….it would be similar to the cooking process of ground beef then. Also, this is Old Testament. Although I wouldn’t consider myself sold out to a “grace based doctrine” bc I think this mentality can go too far, I do realize that as a Christian, I am under the NEW covenant and that even Paul talked about eating food sacrificed to idols with a clear conscience bc of his faith. How would you rectify these conflicting view points?

  6. Jen Trost says:

    Also, with the cannabis, I see your point, as I would be shocked at first too. But just as a camera can be used for evil, in the case of pornography, does that mean we shouldn’t use cameras? Maybe that is a stretch illustration. But the herb in itself has medicinal purposes that are beneficial and regardless of its opportunities for abuse, should we throw it out entirely bc of that? Again, I think we can seek the same wisdom and balance from Paul’s example.

  7. Jen Trost says:

    All of this to say, according to many OT laws, my husband and I should be stoned and our family line cut off. We wear garments made from two different fabrics, we have a garden with mixed produce that’s most likely forbidden, etc. Jesus is the reason we are free from those OT laws.

  8. Jen Trost says:

    What are your thoughts on circumcision in light of your biblical view points given here?

  9. Really enjoyed this! Your comments on placental encapsulation gave me pause, though. I’m not sure you understand the process of how the placenta is encapsulated. Done correctly, it would be similar to eating meat, which is permitted in the Bible.

  10. Thank you so much! I want to be an herbalist, but after unknowingly falling into the trap of seemingly good “new age” tactics (yoga, reiki, meditation etc) I am very, very careful as to what I partake in now. I want to help people in a way that glorifies God. After reading these biblical passages, I can attend herbalism school with confidence! Once again, thank you!!!!!

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