What Can Prevent Racism?

I am reaching outside my comfort zone as I write this article, but the topic has been heavy on my heart this week. I have seen a couple of posts on facebook linking uneducated, conservative Christians and racism. At first, my temper was fueled as a gut reaction to the allegations. How dare anyone accuse me, or many of my conservative friends of racism? The more I pondered the entire premise of the argument, I realized just how blinded the world really is to the truth of God.

I believe the entire problem of racism stems from the lack of belief in the inerrant Word of God, particularly Genesis and the creation of man. Genesis 1:1 starts “In the beginning, God created…” and verse 26 goes on to say “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Each and every life is precious in the sight of the Lord. He created each of us in His own image.

Where did the different “races” come from?

We are all descendants of Adam and Eve. God created the two of them, and from that time every human has been born of another human. At the time God created Adam and Eve, He placed in their DNA all the genes for all the differing variables in mankind. He placed genes for all the different eye colors, hair colors, and skin tones. He placed genes for some to be tall, some short, some stout, and some petite. Every bit of genetic information that would ever be needed was available. So Adam and Eve could have had all different colors of children—red and yellow, black and white.

Fast forward a bit and we see that God destroyed the earth in the flood, and once again we are down to the lineage of just two people, Noah and his wife. Then their descendants were scattered over the face of the earth after building the tower of Babel. Before this time, all men were of one speech or language. God confounded their language, making it impossible (for the time being) for them to communicate with one another.

Once man was scattered, I am assuming that they gathered together with those in close proximity and learned to communicate as one people group. The people would have then started marrying and having children within each of their “groups”. Within each group, there would be limited genetic information. If any traits within the group were recessive, the genes for these traits might eventually be lost. For instance, if there were only a few people with blue eyes and many with brown eyes, after several generations the blue eye gene would become more and more rare until eventually the group had mostly all brown eyes.

Another way genetic information could be lost is through the environment. Let’s say you were a light skinned person living in an area of the world near the equator. You might not live as long, be as healthy, or produce as many children as someone more suited to the environment. Therefore, after time, most of the people left would be the ones more suited to the area. One thing to note here, is that genetic information may be lost, but never is it gained. There has never been an instance where new genetic information has been produced outside of creation.

The Racism/Evolution Connection

When one believes that man came from a puddle of slime, and had to “evolve” to the great state we are in now, it is no wonder racism abounds. If we all “evolved”, it would necessarily follow that some are more evolved than others. This places mankind in a ranking system, where some of the lesser evolved are thought to be lower than the more evolved. This is very clear in the title of Charles Darwin’s book — On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. His entire premise was to prove that certain “races” were more favored.

What Can Prevent Racism?

Can education prevent racism? What about social programs? Maybe we should just all learn to get along?

Unfortunately, as long as children are taught Darwin’s theory of evolution, they will always believe that some are better than others. They will always feel the need to get ahead, and the only way to do this is by trampling down others — you know, survival of the fittest.

To truly eradicate racism, you have to see man as God sees man. There are only two “races” in His eyes — the saved and the unsaved. There are those who have found grace through Jesus Christ and those still in need of a Saviour. When we realize that all men are sinners in need of being saved, and then love them as Jesus loves them, we won’t have a problem being racist.


  1. Jasmine, I absolutely LOVE, Love, Love it! I couldn’t agree with every word more.

    Yet, let me pose a question… if Darwin’s theory of evolution feeds and stirs the pot of racism, then why in history are some of the most egregious forms of racism and acts upon inferiority done by Christians themselves?

    Much love to you!

  2. Jasmine,
    This is a subject that I dreamed about (or had nightmares about) last night. My kids were in Vacation Bible School yesterday (the 3rd day this week), and the preacher of our church was teaching the older kids; or maybe I should say he had them in a class, as I don’t know how much teaching was going on. He is new at our church, and he has kept his promise to ‘grow the church and youth group’, but I’ve heard of a few people who refused to come visit because our preacher is racist and uses ‘the N word’. Yesterday, one of the kids in his class asked if it was OK to be prejudiced or to hate people of other races; and he admitted to not liking blacks or mexicans! He says he can’t stand their customs or behavior–lumping all of them together! I can’t stand certain customs or behaviors in people either, but it has nothing to do with their color or race–it is the actions or mannerisms. We have been at this church for several years, but I honestly believe it is time to move on, as this is not the first instance where he has told our children something that is totally off the wall. Anyway, sorry if I was ranting, but this incident yesterday gave me bad dreams last night.

    • Oh Shasta,
      That is such a hard situation. We are called to love one another, even our enemies. How can we disciple others and bring them the gospel unless we have a deep love for them. I am reminded of the story of the good samaritan. It was the “lowly gentile” who cared for the man, showing the love of Christ. I would pray that the Lord would lead and guide you through this. Praying for you!

  3. Wonderful post! I’d never considered it from this angle before, but it makes perfect sense that evolution justifies racism!


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