Should Christians Use Herbs? (part 2)

Should Christians Use Herbs? @jasminejlucero

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  1. joy bev says:

    i was advised to take some herbs to concieve a boy, i blessed with girls, any problem doing that as a christian?thanks, joybev

    • I have read that the timing of conception can have an effect on whether or not you have a boy or girl. Supposedly, the “male” sperm are quicker/stronger than the female sperm, but they die off quicker. So if you tried to get pregnant on the day of ovulation (meaning the egg had already released and was waiting to be fertilized), then the “male” sperm would have a better chance of winning out. If, however, you tried to get pregnant and it was still a day or two until you actually ovulated, then “male” would die off during the wait leaving more “female” sperm to fertilize the egg.

      I don’t know that there would be any herbs that could selectively decrease the amount of one type of sperm cells. I would be careful not to ascribe “power” to the herbs beyond their ability to help our bodies do what God has created them to do. Taking the herbs themselves is not sinful, but taking them with the belief that they have power to give us our desires (whether it is conception or healing) is sinful. We are not relying on the One who can give us the desires of our heart.

      I know that the desire to conceive either a boy or girl can sometimes be very strong. I personally feel that this is one of the times that prayer is your most effective “herb”. I think it is fine to ask the Lord to bless you with a boy, but to ultimately seek His will for your family. And this may mean praying and asking Him to cause His desires to become your desires (I know I have had to do this so many times–and still do).

      I have a friend who just had her 8th boy. She has a very endearing article that she wrote during her last pregnancy, “What if it’s another boy?”.

      Blessings to your family and your sweet girls!

  2. I found this article while researching iridology. I have had an iridologist (someone who looks at the iris to help diagnose illness) recommended to me as someone who can possibly help us figure out our kids’ extreme eczema problem. We’ve tried everything under the sun, but just cannot figure out what is causing their itchy, ouchy, no-good, terrible sores. Do you know anything about this practice? If so, would you recommend it as a Christian? I think this iridologist also practices strength testing and other things of that nature. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • Hi Ashley,
      Unfortunately I don’t know much about iridology. I try to stick with herbalism since I know that God provided the herbs for man. That’s not to say He didn’t provide a way to diagnose illness through our eyes, He could have. I just don’t know much about it. As for the eczema, we have dealt with it with several of our children. Although it is a problem with the skin, it is actually an inflammatory response in the body. The first area I would look at would be diet. Second, I would work on building the immune system (probiotics, immunomodulating herbs). Third, I would support the liver. If the liver is sluggish or over worked, it isn’t able to do it’s job and the yuckies in our bodies are released through our skin causing irritation. Milk thistle and burdock root are great for this.

      I didn’t go into alot of details, but if you need more info please let me know!



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