Should Christians Use Herbs? (part 1)

Should Christians Use Herbs? @jasminejlucero

Should Christians Use Herbs? (part 1) has been moved to my new herbal site, The Christian Herbal.


  1. Jennifer Gale-Walz says:

    Excellent article. Lookingforward to reading much more! Very interested indeed.
    Thank you so much! Have a Blessed day, Jasmine.

    Jennifer Gale-Walz

  2. Oh yes! We definitely should use them! And what a blessing that the Lord has given us such medicine in abundance and right under our noses! Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts 🙂

    Psalms 104:14 He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth…

    Keri Mae

  3. I am praying over whether or not I should study an herbalism course. I would love to know which plants/flowers/herbs are ok to eat and which are not. God has created this beautiful world with so many plants for us to use. Good article – thank you for your insightful thoughts.

    Blessings to you,

    • Thank you Anya! Even if the timing is not right to study a full course, you might think about just starting out slowly and learning a little at a time. I am currently studying through Naturally Healthy (Shonda Parker), but before I started it I had learned what I could from other sources.

  4. Victoria says:

    Great post!

  5. Karim Kelvin Koroma says:

    Thanks. I do appreciate your final comments especially on not being only being on medications be they herbs or not but also on the healing power of our creator the almighty God.

  6. Karim Kelvin Koroma says:

    Please, I realize I did not clearly state what I meant in my first sentence. What I was saying is, I do appreciate your admonition that we should not only use herbs or any other medicine and no longer pray for our health. We should also pray in addition to our use of medicines. Thanks again.

  7. marygumbo says:

    What do you suggest for toxoplasmosis

    • Hi Mary,
      Toxoplasmosis is something that you would probably want to work with an herbalist for. In herbalism, we generally try to treat the person as a whole rather than just taking “this herb” for “this illness”. A trained herbalist will ask a LOT of questions (diet, symtoms, physical assessment) and do a case study for you. I would guess they would try to build up your immune system and get it functioning at its highest level. They would then work on killing the protozoa.

      I have read that sweet clover is a good herb to use in the treatment of toxoplasmosis due to the coumarins present (Principles and Practices of Phytotherapy, Bones & Mill), but I do not know how it is used in the treatment. I am sure it is probably combined with other herbs for maximum effect. Like I said, this would be something you would want to work with someone on.



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