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I am really looking forward to reading the other moms suggestions today, especially Brandy…she is pregnant with her 8th son. I know she has to have some great hands-on learning activities for boys. Make sure to visit all the other moms and find out what kinds of projects they keep their boys busy with!

Brandy @ The Marathon Mom

Keri Mae @ The Happy Home

Andie @ Happy Andersons

Stacy @ A Delightful Home


I am an artsy kind of person, and ever since I can remember, I have loved all kinds of arts and crafts.  My daughters have inherited my “craftiness” and are always working on some type of project.  This has all be very natural.  When I am working on something, I try to include them in what I am doing.  If they want to learn something new, I try to at least learn enough to teach them and get them going.

It has been different with my son though.  I have really struggled to find projects that would keep him busy and teach him skills at the same time.  I usually blame it on the fact that we don’t live on a farm where I can send him out to build a chicken house.  Or I blame it on the fact that my husband is in the Air Force and is away from us so much.  Whatever the cause, which is probably just my lack of thinking outside the box, I am on a mission to find projects for my boys!

Some of the projects we have done:


We have bought model rockets for my older son to put together and launch.  The rockets that I have looked at range from almost no skill level to very detailed and challenging.  We bought ones that were somewhere in the middle, although they did require some help from me.

Hobby Lobby carries quite a large selection of rockets and other items such as engines and launchers.  If you check your newspaper, you can usually get a 40% off coupon each week.  We have also ordered from Amazon or Estes Rockets.

Although we haven’t done it yet, I think this would be a great project to get a group of boys involved in.  It would be so much fun to have a launch day contest.  You know boys always love a good contest to get them motivated.


This is one area I am hoping to really get my son started in.  He is 14 years old now, and I feel like he is capable to learning some basic woodworking skills.  We have let him use a few of the simpler power saws (it still makes me a bit nervous).

My oldest daughter has been good about creating projects for my son to work on.  Her latest request was a drop spindle used to spin roving into yarn.  He was able to create one with the power sander and a dremel tool.

For the younger kids (even the girls), I have been taking them to Home Depot on the first Saturday of each month.  They offer a free woodworking project.  I usually let the kids do their hammering and putting together at the store, then we come home and paint and decorate the project.  Some of the projects have been so cool that the older kids joined in.  I understand Lowes has a similar project day, but we haven’t made it to one yet.

More Ideas Needed???

I am sure we have done other cool stuff, I am just drawing a blank right now.  I need your help.

What about your little men?  I would love some more ideas to test out on my guys!





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