Large Family Logistics part 1

Several weeks ago I started hearing the buzz about a book called Large Family Logistics:  The Art and Science of Managing the Large Family.  Only in the last couple of years have I considered us to have a large family.  And really, I feel like I manage pretty well most of the time.  I am trying to be frugal and decided that I really shouldn’t spend any money on another how-to book.  They usually only do one thing, make me feel guilty about all the things I am not doing right.

I read through the table of contents online and was intrigued.  There were definately topics that I knew would bring on the guilt, but then there were other topics that I thought I could really take from.  I bit the bullet and bought the book.

I have really enjoyed reading this book in bit and pieces.  I pick it up when I have free time and read a chapter here and there.  Sometimes I do feel a wave of guilt rush over me, but when I do, I stop and ask myself why.  Is it because I am not doing things like someone else, or because I am not doing things as God has called me to do?

For instance, in chapter 4, Kim talks about self-discipline starting with me. What does the Bible say about self-discipline?

Proverbs 25:28
He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.

That describes my 2 year old to the T. He runs here and there…jumping, bouncing, swinging. He, at times is uncontained, just as a city without walls. He is also unprotected. And unless he learns to be self-disciplined, he will remain unprotected. In order for him to learn self-discipline, guess what, his mama has to be self-disciplined.

There is a saying, “Motherhood is hard work, so work hard.”

If I want to protect my son, I have to do the hard stuff and make sure that I am self-disciplined.

I am going to be real honest here. I am not a self-disciplined person by nature. It comes very hard for me. I like to eat more than I should. I like to stay up later than I should. I like to piddle on the computer more than I should.

I love the encouragement Kim gives in learning to be more self-disciplined.

Learning self-discipline starts with keeping our eyes constantly on the goal. As Christian mothers, our goal is to be God’s goal.

My desires should be God’s desires. His desire is that I develop self-discipline. So that is my goal this week. I am going to read through chapter 4 again, and work on becoming more self-disciplined. Then I am going to work on teaching my children to be more self-disciplined. We’re going to put up some walls around this city!

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