Cooper’s Cast


Our newest baby, Cooper, was born on April 1st of this year. The kids and I came to TX (from Spain) so that I could deliver the baby with a midwife. Jamie came down 2 weeks before Cooper was due. Our plan was for Jamie to stay a few weeks after the birth, then return to Spain. The kids and I would follow as soon as Cooper’s passport arrived.

When Isaac was born, we had trouble getting his birth certificate, and subsequently his passport, because we had him at home unassisted. The midwife assured me that we would be able to get the baby’s birth certificate within a week of his birth. The passport would only take a few weeks after that.

We were set.

We had a plan, our plan.

Little did we know, our plans would change…

Cooper’s Birth

The midwife arrived around 4:00pm on April 1st, one day past Cooper’s due date. Labor was sporadic, so she suggested I take a walk to get things moving along. I labored both standing and swaying, and reclining on a bench. The labor was longer than most of my other labors, but the Lord blessed me with calmness and relief. At 8:19pm, our sweet baby boy entered the world and we were in love. I laid him on my chest and thanked the Lord for another treasure He had bestowed upon us.

I didn’t notice right away, and even when I did, I didn’t realize there was anything really wrong with Cooper. His legs were curled up under his bottom with his feet turning in. I don’t know why, but at the time I just thought that he had been squished up in my belly and needed time to stretch out a bit. In my eyes, he was perfect.

It wasn’t until the next day when the midwife came over for our check-up, that I knew Cooper was crippled. The midwife was so gentle and kind when she suggested that I have him seen right away. She thought he had club feet. Immediately something clicked in my brain and could see, why yes, he does have club feet.

Cooper’s Treatment

We saw the pediatrician that first week of Cooper’s life.  He referred us to a specialist in Houston who treats club feet using the Ponseti method.  When Cooper was 2 weeks old, we began treatment.  Each week, we see the doctor, who massages the baby’s feet and moving them to a slightly new position.  Plaster casts are applied from his toes to the tops of his thighs, holding his feet in place.  He has worn these cast for 6 weeks now.  Next week he will have surgery.  The doctor will release the tendons in the back of his heels, allowing his feet to move from a pointed position to a standing position.

After surgery, he will be in a cast for 3 more weeks while the tendon heals in a stretched position.  The casts will be removed and he will then wear a brace until he is 5 years old.  (The first 3 months he will wear it all the time, then afterwards only at night.)

I am so thankful to the Lord for all He has done and all He has provided.  He brought us here to the states to have the baby.  He provided a wonderful home, through the hands of my gracious aunt.  He put us in a place within driving distance of a wonderful doctor.  He has truly supplied all our needs.

A Change in Plans

Cooper is almost 2 months old now and we are still here in TX.  Jamie is back in Spain.  I miss my husband.  My father-in-law said it best though…”you’re not alone, cause Jesus is with you”.  Yes, Jesus is with me, walking by my side, even carrying me when I fall. 

Our plans have changed.  We don’t know when we will go back to Spain, or if we will go back.  We are waiting to find out if the Air Force is going to move us to another base here in the states.  All we know is that the Lord has us right where He needs us. 

And through it all, the Lord is molding us.  Just as Cooper’s feet are molded by his casts, we are being molded by the hands of God.  He is taking the crippled and broken, and making it beautiful and whole.  He is sanctifying us and molding us into the people He needs us to be–people that love Him above all else, people that lean on Him in times of trouble, people that trust Him and know that He is good all the time!

But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.
Isaiah 64:8


  1. Jasmine! thanks so much for the update on your precious boy. I’d heard “here and there” that he had some problems, but glad to hear from you, and I can pray more specifically. God is so faithful to have you in Texas…and He got you there through your faithfulness to your convictions of what He’s called you to! To God be the glory! You are such a Titus 2 woman to me. God bless you and your sweet ones!

  2. Stacey,
    Thank you so much for the encouragement! Sometimes you just don’t know if you are doing the right thing and you just pray that you are following where God is leading. It helps to be reminded that we are on the right path.

  3. Jasmine – God is good to call you to deliver where everything was in place to help Cooper. It’s an encouragement to read. God knows our needs before we do.


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